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Completed Journals

I have managed to complete my journals following Julie Prichard’s fantastic videos from her Super Nova online course. She demonstrates three journals. I completed number 3 first (it didn’t need book boards or linen tape so I was able to use what I’d got and you can see that here).

Journal 1 is stitched and bound with linen tape. The sticky linen tape was purchased this week on a trip to London from Falkiners bookbinding store in Southampton Row. Lovely shop and well worth a visit. Here’s the journal covers and inside.

Stitched JournalStitched Journal Inside












The next one, Journal 2 is the ‘Long, Tall. Skinny’ and it looks like this – all pages are collaged prior to binding. The linen tape is used for this book too.
















I am really thrilled with the way these books have turned out and on the second part of Super Nova we are now following ideas for art journal pages.


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I would love to be ‘good’ at Art Journaling and dabble in it from time to time (I don’t upload though)! Today I finished making a journal ready to work in and it turned out really well.

I enrolled on Julie Prichard’s Art Journaling Super Nova online course and am loving it. Part 1 involves making 3 different journals. I have Journal 1 part finished and Journal 2 part finished – Journal 3 is done!

Julie Prichard Fabric Journal

This is what I would call a practice piece so the colours etc weren’t really that well thought out – I just used what came to hand.

The cover for this journal in the class is made from fabric. Julie makes a patchwork type, quilted cover in her video but as I had this ‘book wrap’ half completed from a workshop I took with Angie Hughes at The Bramble Patch I decided to use it.

Angie’s class was great – we used fabric, paints, foils, paper, stamps, machine and hand embroidery etc to make woven book wraps. This was my first attempt and my first go at free machine embroidery. It is far from perfect – my sewing machine broke so I had to borrow one which didn’t help, but it was OK for this trial piece. Guess I’ll have to journal about ‘flowers’.


The pages inside are single sheets ‘sewn’ together around tapes which are then attached to the inside of the covers. I used Fabriano paper and here you can see how the ‘stitching’ looks from the inside – it allows to pages to open flat.



Julie Prichard Fabric Journal inside stitching














I can’t show you how the stitching looks on the spine because I didn’t think to take a picture of it but it was easy to do, although bit fiddly, and it was fairly quick to do. The stitches go across tape down to hold it in place against the spine and the tapes are then sewn to the cover (Julie glued hers but I don’t have any fabric glue).















I will definately make this journal again with more thought about tape and backing fabric colour!

The second part of the Super Nova starts on Wednesday and covers the journaling side – I can’t wait for that.

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